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Online Solo Festival

Frequently Asked Questions

What styles? Classical or jazz?
You can definitely play classical or jazz. We will have adjudicators that specialize in both. However you may also perform from genres not typical of a festival like singer songwriter or rock, etc.
May vocalists participate?
What instruments may participate?
Any instrument. And of course voice.
How much are the scholarships?
The scholarships will vary depending on enrollment. We will have a better idea the closer we are to the festival.
How will you pick winners?
This festival is focusing on celebrating excellence. We do not have a predetermined number of "winners". Rather we will hihgligh the most excellent performances in categories including age/grade and instrument.
How should they record?
Recordings must be Videos and we must be able to see the performers for the entire track to be eligible for awards. Try to record with the best quality recording equipment you have available to you at home. If possible use an external microphone to plug into your computer or smartphone.
Can I use a NYSSMA solo?
Of course, but you don't have to.
Are there levels like NYSSMA?
No. Students should pick solos/repertoire that highlight their musical abilities.
Can student's use accompaniment?
They may perform with a Play-A-Long or Smart Music as long as the recording does not have the solo part. There is no way to have a live accompanist at this time.
Who are the Adjudicator's
The adjudicator's are professional music educators with experience working with students. There are different adjudicator for the different instruments.
Is this NYSSMA
No this is not sanctioned by NYSSMA, NAFME, or UCMEA.
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