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Keep Making Music! 

Summer 2020

Due to the Covid19 guidelines and SUNY Ulster’s summer campus closure we will not be able to host our annual hvJAZZ Summer Institute. Although this highly disappointing for us, we are still looking to Keep Making Music. This is what we will be offering:

Music Theory &

Song Writing

What was the last song that caught your ear? Did it make you feel a certain way? Ever wonder why? Music Theory will begin to explore what composers and song writers do to connect with an audience. Then song writing will use that knowledge to shape your own music. 

Composing Music

Who: Designed for 8th-12th grade students. Students should have studied an instrument for at least four years. Students should know all their major scales as a prerequisite.  


What: We will be focusing on music theory (the fundamentals of music) through a fun practical approach – song writing. Students will work to create a song of their very own by the end of the summer session.


Where: Online. Zoom.


When: Twice Weekly. Tuesday and Wednesday @ 10 AM online.

July 14 – August 12.


Cost: $200

Online Solo Festival

Our Online Solo Festival is back for the summer. Let’s give students an opportunity to continue their musical growth through the necessary preparation and feedback from our adjudicators. This summer, in addition to traditional and jazz solos, we will also have songwriting and popular music categories.  


Who: Music students of all ages.


What: Students provide a video of a musical performance and are provided with feedback and suggestions from an experienced music educator. Students may choose to follow up with a live component. We will be awarding 2 scholarships.


Where: All info will be at


When: Registration starts June 26. Live Component will be August 14-15


Cost: $30

Jazz Skills & Improvisation 

Improvisation, or spontaneous composition. is the heart and soul of jazz. Students will work from the ground up building a set of skills to speak the language of jazz.

Jazz night club

Who: Designed for middle school and high school students who have some experience improvising, but are ready to move to the next level.  Must have a minimum of 5 years playing an instrument.




Where: Online. Zoom.


When:Weekly. Wednesday @ 11:30 AM online. July 15 – August 12


Cost: $100

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