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Bridge Arts Play-A-Thon! 

The Pledge Page

Make Music.

Create Memories.

Find A Cure.


Our Play-A-Thon will work just like a bike-a-thon or a walk-a-thon except you use your musical talents while at home. Have family and friends support you and our cause by sponsoring your musical practicing.


Supporters may pledge a flat fee or a per hour fee. (Honor system required.) Make a pledge above. 


Bridge Arts and Education is a registered 501(c)3.  


A play-a-thon is a great way to motivate musicians to practice their instruments. During Covid-19 many concerts and musical opportunities have been canceled so Bridge Arts wanted to find a fun and meaningful way for students to keep making music! 


Why the Alzheimer's Association? According to the Alzheimer's Association music and art can enrich the lives of people with Alzheimer's disease. Both allow for self-expression and engagement, even after dementia has progressed. 

Bridge Arts hopes this is the first of many play-a-thons. We hope to be able to partner with many worthy causes and be a vessel of music creating good. 

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